NEXUS XLR Connector

ETI-Research NEXUS  XLR Connector


The ETI-Research Nexus XLR Connector offers the quality that you would expect from ETI-Research. Both the male and female connectors are made from machined Copper. Many XLR Connectors on the market are a brass type that offers poor conductivity that will impeded the audio sound.

Other brands will state that they are made with copper but this maybe on the male as machining female connectors from copper is expensive. This is why the other technique is to roll the female from flat copper. This does allow the precision really needed for surface area contact with the male connector pins.

The NEXUS XLR Connector was really made for the ease of updating your existing cable. Simply cut off the old connector and screw on the the NEXUS XLR as all three wires can be screwed if needed. Also the capability of soldering is still available

Please do not over tighten the screws as light pressure is all that is needed to secure the wire