FR-TC07 Female RCA Connector

Introducing the Newest and Best Female RCA Connector from ETI-Research.

The new FR-TC07 performs at the same trailblazing level as the legendary Phonopod® with added benefits.  High fidelity performance has been achieved with the ETI-Research resolutely without giving into compromise as no other female RCA connector on the market can boast the open and airy, coherent music that can be achieved with the ETI-Research FR-TC07 Female RCA. The results are low self-inductance, the elimination of RF reflections,  manufacturer friendly installation and unfailing durability. Frequency bandwidth is unparalleled


ETI-Research Fc-TC07 Female RCA Connector


Key design elements are:

  • Lengths and masses of signal and return pins connectors made as thin as possible to maintain durability.
  • Low mass signal conductor made from Pure Copper which with reduced inductive reactance for superior, extended bandwidth, better high-frequency response, and better sound.
  • Matched to the thinnest possible  Tellurium Copper, low mass ground outer shell that transmits the ground signal at lightning speed away.
  • Curved Signal Conductors for superior soldering
  • Brass Nut that offers great vibration damping and excellent EMI/RF noise rejection screws onto a Polymer thread. So no contact with the Signal.  – no Nickel, no Brass, no Bronze – for extreme conductivity and better signal transfer.

ETI-Research FR-TC07 Female RCA